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9 Latest Content Writing Tools for SEO every blogger needs – SARMLife

Living in an era where content is the new black or orange has placed content writers in high demand. While still trying to maintain quality, the increased workload has made it almost impossible to avoid using content writing tools for SEO purposes. This blog post is dedicated to all hardworking content writers who need content …


BLOG SEO: 8 free tips to optimize your blog posts for consistent SEO ranking

Blog SEO is no joke! After restructuring our website and deleting most of our previous content, we expected our blog posts to take a while to rank on Google. But with blog SEO, we were able to get our blog post to rank #1 for the particular keyword: challenges of an African blogger between 16th …


SEO writing | 10 proven tips on writing blog posts that rank on Google

“What is the use of writing great blog posts that won’t rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs and people won’t see?” – Ruth Adeyemi.  Beyond writing valuable content to my readers, I always make sure that these contents are fully optimized for search engines. To do this, I follow a strict SEO blog …