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At SARMLife, we use current SEO practices to improve both your on-page SEO and Content SEO for increased brand revenue, traffic, and visibility. We also work with technical SEO experts for you to get the best out of our offers. In fact, Our best-performing clients are those who opted for our technical SEO services in addition to their chosen SEO plan.

Our strategies include, but are not limited to;

  1. Topic research
  2. Keyword research 
  3. SEO-optimized topics
  4. SEO-optimized outlines
  5. SEO-optimized blog posts
  6. High-quality images
  7. Great internal & external linking
  8. Skillful SEO writing in your voice
  9. Blog post delivered with appropriate heading tags
  10. Heading & Meta Tags
  11. Title Tags
  12. Speed optimization
  13. Broken links, etc.

Our SEO Writing Services

More than a blog post, but rather an avenue for you to create generational wealth!

Ruth Adeyemi, FOUNDER of SARMLife

This is our approach to creating depth-filled, user-oriented blog posts for your brand.

SARMLife's SEO Writing services

NOTE: We offer our 3+ months retainer clients a 10% discount


Our Blogger’s Plan is for small, non-business blogs like lifestyle blogs, NGOs, etc., looking to publish SEO-optimized content for increased website traffic and brand awareness.


This plan is for coaches, consultants, established bloggers, small business owners, or small brands looking to grow their website traffic and brand revenue. To get the best out of this plan, you should already have some products/services on your website, including but not limited to affiliate products.

Disclaimer: We will only link one service/product per post


This is for businesses, enterprises, and cooperations looking to increase their business revenue and visibility immensely with SEO and Blog Marketing.

All blog post topics are thoroughly researched for profitability. Likewise, each blog post will contain your products/services integration for maximum ROI.

Please know that we will leverage your email marketing while working together. If you don’t have an email marketing platform, we will make appropriate recommendations.

Our goal is that your revenue increases with these well-researched/SEO-optimized blog posts.

On-Page SEO Services

SARMLife SEO Services

Our On-page SEO services come in a Starter plan, Website maintenance, and SEO maintenance.


The Starter plan is for launched websites (3 months+) with limited Search Engine Optimization, regardless of niche. For example, a Business Coach whose website has been live for 2 years, but your website traffic is nearly nothing.

Most brands/businesses launch their websites or even develop their websites without implementing on-page SEO nor Content SEO strategies. Doing this can drastically impact your website speed, traffic, revenue generation, and more.

With this plan, we work on all on-page SEO issues while providing you with 10 SEO-optimized blog posts to kickstart sustainable traffic for your website.

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BENEFITS: Increased web traffic in as little as 2 weeks, increasing web traffic, brand awareness, and revenue.

NOTE: We offer FREE website audit & analysis on our Starter Plan


Focus on other aspects of your business growth while we take care of all website updates and fixes.

We work with all blogging platforms with your website security and quality at the forefront of our service.


In addition to general web maintenance, we optimize your website monthly for sustained visibility.

Worry less about your website traffic; let us take up the SEO updates for you!

Refer & Earn

With years of delivering value, our clients are always non-hesitant in promoting our services.

We understand your massive role in marketing us, so to compensate for your efforts, we offer you a 10% reward for each referred client.

You can either get your reward in cash or use it to purchase any of our products/services.

We are working tirelessly on a seamless affiliate integration on our website. In the meantime, claim your reward by reaching out to us via our contact below with your name, the name of the referred client, and the service purchased.

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