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Every day, thousands of small business owners are making the web work for them. The opportunity to reach customers from around the corner and the globe is too big to ignore. This development is accompanied by the need for more hands in the digital space, including the need for more Digital Marketers, Social Media Managers, Content Writers/Creators, and so on.

Will you take the plunge today to learn some of the most in-demand skills in 2023?

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Adeyemi Ruth Aanuoluwapo



With alums furthering their digital career in reputable universities in Africa, Europe, North America & South America, working with brands like Jumia, and owning their digital brands, I wouldn’t have it another way 🔥🔥🔥

SARMLife Digitial Skills Training (SDST) 2024 is here, friends ✨🎉🥁🥁🥁

Read all SDST’s Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering what SDST is all about, sit 💺 tight 😁💪🏽

SDST is our transformational digital skills training for individuals who are determined to maximize the digital world for financial transformation and to build generational wealth by learning essential digital skills.

We started this program in 2020 and have raised giants in the digital industry who work with digital brands around the globe 🔥

For 2024, we’ve added 2 more skills to make your 2 months at SDST worth the while.

The skills are;

👉🏽 Data Analysis
👉🏽 Digital Marketing
👉🏽 Social Media Marketing/Management

👉🏽 Creative Writing
👉🏽 Copywriting
👉🏽 Video Editing
👉🏽 Email Marketing, and
👉🏽 Graphics Design 🔥

Should I talk about the coaches??? Woah 🥹🔥🔥🔥🔥 WE BROUGHT THE BEST OF THE BEST!

So, if you are still trying to find your bearing online or you simply don’t understand how to leverage the digital space for revenue generation, BE HAPPY BECAUSE NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE ✨✨

REGISTER NOW! Let’s build generational wealth together!


  1. Theophilus Enahke

    Hmmmmmmm…. 🤦🏼‍♂🤦🏼‍♂
    Mixed feeling!! I am really excited having learnt so much at no cost!!
    I wish it will never end..
    You are not just a teacher, u are a Leader and a Friend. I admire and also respect you alot.

    I bless the day I came across your post on IG!
    I have participated in several WhatsApp classes but non came close to SARMlife’s

    I’ll be forever grateful for the rare privilege of being part of the few selected people that made it to your list of 40.

    I can’t really thank you enough. I’ll rate the internship 11/10 … It was excellent.

    I really want to continue being a part of SARMLife.. I ll be glad to volunteer.

  2. Ezinne Florence

    The day started like every normal day. I just decided to scroll through my Instagram feed to see what was happening and I came across an ad for a 5-month internship opportunity with SARMLife.

    At that time, I was already tired of doing nothing and I was also desperately looking for an opportunity to learn and improve on digital skills, so seeing the ad was like a dream come true for me. Of course, I applied. 5 months down the line and it is still the best decision I have ever made.

    I never knew there could be someone who would be willing to teach everything we learnt free of charge till I joined this internship and met Miss Ruth. I have learnt so much; Digital Marketing, Creative Writing, Content Creation, Online Community Management, and Social Media Management. With the detailed teachings, I am never left confused at all.

    Through this internship my knowledge of digital skills has greatly increased, I have gotten some opportunities like working with a startup digital marketing agency, people coming to me to teach them all the plenty things they see me do😁, and I’m currently working on starting my own blog, and I know greater things are still coming, all thanks to the SARMLife Digital Skills Internship.

    I wish I could say something bigger than thank you right now, but
    Thank you so much SARMLife
    Thank you Miss Ruth for giving us the very best
    Thank you for giving us this awesome gift

    God bless you so so much and reward you exceptionally for this labor of love. You are just amazing❤

  3. Titofunmi Akinbo

    The internship is a great eye-opener for me. I’m glad I decided early enough and I’ll forever be grateful for it. You were patient and loving.

    I didn’t only learn from the classes, I learned from YOU. You inspire me in every way I can think of.

    This internship had stretched me! I was frustrated on some days, and encouraged on the others. Five months seemed too long. Ah! Too too long. But, I must say this is one best decision I made this year.
    Do you remember our first assignment in Digital Marketing? I scored *ZERO!* Odo!!! 🤣🤣🤣 But, you were patient.

    I always wondered how we were going to understand content creation since it’s online, but you were always calm Content creation messed with my head badly.🤣 There were days I didn’t even want to do designs. I just wanted to learn theory in peace. 😂

    Creative writing? Although, I looked forward to tasks because I love to write, when such tasks came, my brain was ALWAYS tired.😅

    Community management forced me to come out of this shell for presentations. 😩
    I’m still trying to get a hang of Social Media Management as I know it’s not a day’s job.

    I’m freelancing for companies in content writing and doing *small* design for an online tv. It was all after I started this internship. It has stretched me beyond myself and I’m grateful for it. I know I won’t recover from these lessons in years to come.

    Thank you so much for imparting me in this manner. You taught me for freeeeeee!

    Ah! I don’t even know what else to say but I’m highly indebted! Thank you so much for coming into my life at the time you did. I’ll forever be grateful.

    Your lifestyle is worth emulating. I know ‘GOD BLESS YOU’ has become so overrated in our days, but it’s my prayer for you today. Look how God blessed Abraham. GOD BLESS YOU beyond your understanding. I love, honour, and celebrate you.

  4. Samuel Olajide

    You’ve been very kind and helpful these past months….. you made the pandemic feel normal and make things look like there’s still sanity in the society (Lool)

    I have learnt from you aside from the classes, I have learnt that it’s important to be consistent without excuse.

    I have learnt how important it is to show up (still working on that)

    I have learnt how to be kind too. 🙄 ( I fought myself to type that)

  5. Miracle Iseghohimen

    The heart is heavy I must admit, and I’d try as much not to allow my eye gland tear up! Let’s see, this was meant to be a review I know, but I might have to disappoint you just a little ma’am. But not to worry, it can always be reviewed.

    Setting out to acquire as much required skill-set was always the plan with 2020. How, was the question that I really couldn’t answer, but somehow I had a strong conviction. Getting to see the SDSI on instagram was mind soothing! And with the digital skills on plate, I tried finding out more info from you. Maybe it was my approach, but you did come to me as one who is passion-driven.

    Well, it’s been over five months with you, and I can attest to the fact that you are!
    I’m hoping this piece don’t go too worded o, but pouring out my heart might take up more than just a few lines.

    The first week of the internship absolutely set the tone for an amazing five months. There were times when I felt I wouldn’t cope but you made it super easy for everyone. Again, with everything that has happened in 2020, this internship afforded me the opportunity to stay ‘sane.’
    Coming in, back then in March with next to no digital background, fast forward to July, I’m feeling like a pro ‘yunnno’ .

    MARCH- Digital Marketing
    Being the first of five skills to be learnt, this was literally an eye opener. From learning what digital marketing is, to the various terminologies associated with DM like the Search Engine Organization, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, and others-the knowledge gained here was indeed robust .

    APRIL- Creative Writing
    This was probably my favorite class. The basics of Writing, the right use of punctuations, inclusion of imageries, subject-verb agreement, and the comma splice in sentences were taught here. To say I learnt a lot would be an understatement. To Miss Abosede for doing an amazing job, thank you so much ma’am. For the time, and energy you put into making sure we become better. You were nothing short of amazing!

    MAY- Online Management Skills
    Getting to learn that being a manager requires a whole lot to be a successful one. Also, I learnt what a brand is, and how to manage a brand or an online business.

    JUNE- Content Creation
    This one was creativity at its peak! I was ready for this one ehn. I mean, digital skills without creating good content? Huh? From video, text and photo contents, we were taught the use of several apps to make astounding contents. And yes, we did make and remake some really good content.

    JULY- Social Media Management
    Being the last month of the internship, I’d admit I was a bit emotional. I never exactly wanted this journey to come to an end. But then it is what it is. Again, to Miss Bolade for being an amazing human and tutor as well, thank you for teaching us Media management skills.

    In summary, this was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. To the ‘Cap,’ Miss Ruth Adeyemi, thank you for putting such an amazing platform together.

    For me, it goes beyond just digital skills learnt. I make bold to say I have learnt life skills from you! I’m trying to look for the right adjectives to use right now, and I can’t seem to get one that qualifies you!

    I certainly do know that there will be times when you’d feel like all you do isn’t worth it. I’d leave you with this, remember the reason why you do what you do- the lives you have set out to affect and impact with the SARMLife brand. God indeed will water every seed you put into the ground, and He will bless the works of your hands. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    To my Moscow’lites; Marvellous, Olayemi, Peace, Folarin, and of course myself . I look forward to seeing you at the apex of the digital world!

    To the SDSI Class of 2020, God Bless you all. we made it . Cheers!

  6. Tosin Azeez

    I want to use this opportunity to appreciate the covener of SDST, Miss Ruth for taking us through DM for the month of March.

    It’s being such a great time with her as the coach of this particular lesson. I just had my time to go through the last class.

    The truth is that, you have impacted us with so much knowledge and great marketing hacks. I feel like anyone who decides to thrive in the marketing World should learn from this class and yea, they would definitely succeed.

    Thank you for the class and yes we are grateful to have you.

    Congratulations on SARMLife Digital school. 🎉Yesss, every business should be registered. Proud of you👍❤️.

    • Ruth Adeyemi

      Your kind words warmed my heart so much. Thank you 😊

  7. Som

    I so love love my teacher 🤗🤗

  8. Abisola Omotayo

    The class was very insightful with so much value, Miss Ruth did an excellent job, you put all your heart in this and her energy is impeccable. Thank you for this opportunity.

  9. Edese Enosa Gift

    Thanks to miss Ruth for her teachings, this is my first time paying for class online, and it all started with sarmlife, and there is no regret at all. She is a good teacher. I appreciate all your efforts. In no distant time with all your teachings, see me at the top.🤗🤗.

  10. Uchenna

    Digital Marketing class with Coach Ruth is very insightful and detailed. Coach Ruth was always available to answer our questions both in and outside of class. She will literally make sure everyone is learning with her weekly assessment. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to learn Digital Marketing.

  11. Akomolede Bisola

    This training is such an eye opener. Thank you coach for putting your all into this (the energy and vibe) 😁thank you for the value and the correction in love. We appreciate you 🤗

  12. Cynthia chinaza

    Joining the SDST was my best decision in 2021, oooh my God 😯, it’s mind-blowing.

    Thanks our able coach Ruth Adeyemi, she’s Soo detailed and explanatory. She teaches as if her life depends on it.

    The value I got was 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ times bigger than the amount I paid. A very big thanks and shout out to every SARMLIFE team, you guys are doing a great job.

    Thanks for letting me share from your ocean of knowledge. I will sign up over and over again , and still recommend it to people because it’s a whole lot of value.

  13. Ifeoluwapo Aduni Abe

    It won’t be an exaggeration when I say signing up for this training is the best decision I’ve made so far this year. And to think that I couldn’t afford it as at the time of registration, I’m glad who I turned to agreed to pay for me.

    From the very first week, I knew I was in for so much value!

    The Digital Marketing Coach, Miss Ruth Adeyemi, is such a good teacher. She explained in detail until you got it, she didn’t mind you ask her questions even after she’d explained a number of times. If lecturers were like her, I don’t expect mass failure from students.

    I look forward to the rest of the training and I’m rest assured it will be nothing short of value and excellence.

    I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in their career/business growth.

    God bless the SARMLife team for this wonderful opportunity.

  14. Ishola Ayomide

    Signing up for SDST is the best first decision I’ve made for myself this year.

    At first, I was skeptical about paying for the training or not, but I’m so glad I eventually did.

    We’ve only spent 1 month out of 4 and it feels as if I’ve learned more than I bargained for. I actually wasn’t expecting this much but Miss Ruth surpassed my expectations.

    Do I start from the fact that she will really teach us and attend to all our questions? Her number 1 goal is to make sure we learn these things and become better with them. I just want to thank her for everything she does and is doing.

    Thanks for instilling in us great values. I look forward to more time in SARMLife Digital School.

  15. Johnson Peace Oluwaferanmi

    I’ve always had interest in digital marketing and I have been confused on where to start, I tried taking the google digital skills for Africa course and I am still taking it but that’s the problem; I started taking the google course last year and I am still struggling with it( but here’s how Ruth makes this a better experience

    1. Accountability: if you find that you are lazy in doing the research or you just don’t know where to start and how to go and this overwhelms you then I’d advice that you take the course.

    2. Relatability: Ruth breaks it down to the Nigerian context . With the suya 👀 (it’s an inside joke, you will find out when you take the course)

    3. You are almost like an apprentice: mich more than the course; you learn from Ruth’s ability to control her class, disseminate information and being an overall leader and manager.

    I wanted to keep this really short; but what can I say it’s definitely much more it’s worth than the pay for me.

    😂 And to think I didn’t want to take the course.

  16. Obisesan Caleb

    Signing up for Digital Marketing training with SARMLife is the best decision I have made.

    I’m a novice when it comes to digital marketing, but thank God I have a great tutor Miss Ruth whose trainings has simplified the whole thing for me, and I’m now falling in love with the program.

    I have really learnt a lot and still learning. Her style of teaching is superb! She answers all our questions professionally and always comes to our level when explaining certain digital terms.

    March edition has been wonderful, looking forward to getting more equipped with other DM skills with SARMLife.

  17. Sharonrose

    Signing up with sarmlife is one of the best decision I’ve made this year. The registration fee is nothing compared to what I’ve gain.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to tap from your knowledge.

    More wisdom and knowledge COACH

  18. Umaru Mariam Ojonugwa

    From the first week we started, I knew I struck real gold signing up for the SDST Digital Marketing training.

    It didn’t even matter that i had no knowledge of DM prior to the training because Miss Ruth was so detailed and explanatory in her teaching that you would hardly miss anything.

    Surely the one of the best decisions I made this year. So much VALUE in just four weeks.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of the training and for the real SUYA on Thursday *winks*

  19. Aminat Ize Abdulsalam

    Do you really want growth in your business? If yes then SDST is they right place for you………….

    Joining SDST is the best decision I have made so far this year.

    All thanks to our coach miss Ruth, she isn’t just a teacher but a good one at that because she always gives real-life examples for better understanding during the class. So detailed and explanatory in her teachings.

    Thanks for letting me tap from your wealth of knowledge.

  20. Akanbi Belkis Bisola

    SARMLife digital skills training (SDST) to the world📢📢📢📢

    Special thanks to Miss Adeyemi Ruth and the brains behind SDST.

    I bless the day I stumbled upon your ad by chance Coach, you’re the true definition of a “coach”…..

    Is it the strong communication skill I’m going to talk about? or the active listening skill? The togetherness you created among all interns?

    The self-confidence you groomed us with? or the times you made sure everyone was carried along throughout all the classes?

    Your method of teaching is second to none, the empathy you showed us? the patience you had? The real world examples you made use of to ensure we understand every bit of the class? The positive energy you fill the class with?

    To be honest, the list is an endless one. You delivered beyond expectations, ma’am.

    Sincerely, opportunities like this are rare to come by, because the knowledge you impacted was way more than the cost.

    Thank you for adding value to my life and the entire participants’. Thank you for making us more relevant. Thank you for the exposure, and thank you for allowing us to tap from your wealth of knowledge.

    It was a journey worth remembering. Exploring the digital space with so much energy already.

    🥂Cheers to the end of the beginning ma’am.

    • Ruth Adeyemi

      Wow! This is heartfelt! Thank you so much, Belkis 😊

  21. Vickie Ojo

    Wow, SDST is a game changer….it’s been a wonderful experience.

    I can’t explain how confused I was in the digital marketing world but SDST gave me the right directions to follow.

    I’m so grateful to have an amazing coach like Ruth Adeyemi, young, intelligent, eloquent, and a beautiful lady, a whole package.

    God bless you for the wisdom you’ve impacted in me. Cheers to greater achievements.

  22. Ishola Ayomide

    The first month was Digital Marketing while the second month was Social Media Management.

    I really enjoyed myself in the SMM class because we were allowed to think ‘without’ the box. There is something called beyond the box, but I chose to go without it.

    Thank God for Coach Kator for teaching us everything we need to know to become better in SMM.

    Thank God for Ruth for organizing this beautiful training. I am super grateful for you, Ruth Adeyemi.

  23. Uchenna

    Social Media Management class was very practical because Coach Kator mostly gave us assignments to test our knowledge.

    This class in general gave me an insight into what Social Media Management is. I can confidently say that I have clarity on it. Thank you Coach Kator!

  24. Akanbi Belkis Bisola

    Boom, the second course(Social media management) at SDST done and dusted, second certificate in the bag💃. You can never go wrong with SDST, you get VALUE instead!

    A whole lot was taught in one month, from getting familiarized with different social media management tools, to knowing how different platforms work and what business fits in best for each, to copywriting, content writing, bio writing, common social media mistakes, pricing, and billing.

    The part that you have to practicalize it on your own alone is challenging, fun and enlightening, then the brainstorming part of group assessment.

    Wo, participating is believing oo, I can’t say it all, you get?

    P.s: My Social media management coach is Mr. Kator and our convener is Miss Ruth Adeyemi. I’m forever grateful for the knowledge bestowed.

  25. Abisola Omotayo

    The Social Media Marketing was a very practical and interesting class, the convener explained in simple terms making the lectures easy to digest.

  26. Cynthia chinaza

    I had a great experience and I’m glad I signed up for this 🙌.
    Thanks to the convener for this great opportunity

  27. Sharry

    I’m happy I signed up for these.

    There’s just so much value involved; it’s eye-opening, challenging and motivating.

    I’ll give 100 rating star ✳️ if there is.
    Thank you SARMLife for this great opportunity.

  28. Ifeoluwapo Aduni Abe

    Social media management before this course, to me, was just about scheduling posts and posting them on time.

    But it is way beyond that, and so I’m grateful for taking this course at SDST.

    Social media management is a lot to learn and understand but the classes did justice, would 100% recommend it. One must just keep learning you know.

    I’m convinced that after completing the SDST 2021, I’ll apply for SMM job roles.

  29. Som

    SARMLife to me is family, coming across the brand has left me with only positive effects.

    I have learnt so much and I know that even though I still have a long way to go. I am not doing it alone, I am doing it with my family.

    Thank you for being Amazing Ruth, the blogging world needs more people like you.

  30. Gloria

    The social media management course was totally hands-on. The coach gave his all and made sure we understood everything that was being taught.

    I definitely recommend this for anyone that wants to start out as a social media manager.

    Thank you SARMLife for giving value always

  31. Mariam Umaru

    SMM class was really enlightening. Thank you coach

  32. Aminat Ize Abdulsalam

    The social media management class was insightful, challenging, and fun.

    The challenging part of it made us unleashed the hiding potentials in us.

    To our SMM coach, thanks for simplifying everything that has to do with Social Media Management.

    To our overall convener Miss Ruth, thanks for bringing in the best coaches. Having learnt so much and still learning with almost no cost, all I can say is that may the good God continue to reward you in all ramifications.

  33. Adejoke Adebanjo

    SDST!!! One of the best decision I made in 2021. I am screaming 😱! I almost didn’t want to take it up, many thanks to my girl!!! Abosede Olatunji, THANK YOU! I said this a thousand times already, I would have beaten myself up if I didn’t sign up for this opportunity!

    I am now a certified digital marketer 💃! I am basking in so much joy right now, I am grateful for my beautiful, intelligent and super awesome coach, Miss Ruth Adeyemi! You made digital marketing so interesting, you are a teacher with depths, you poured out yourself to us and gosh! I am so grateful for you!

    I thought of digital marketing as a ‘place’ I didn’t want to be, I felt like, it was too difficult to digest it all at once, but learning digital marketing in SARMLife changed it all for me, it was broken down in units, very detailed and explanatory! I honestly couldn’t have had it anywhere better😊

    Thank you so much SARMLife!
    God bless and elevate you!

  34. Adejoke Adebanjo

    Whooooshhh💃💃💃 I’m super excited sharing this!

    The Social media marketing course took me on a really bright journey of exploration, it was a complete dose of impactful knowledge!

    My super amazing Coach Kator! You made the course really interesting, to the extent that I always looked forward to the assessments, its your efforts and timely feedback for me! You treated us like friends rather than a coach, I am grateful for you Sir!

    I am definitely recommending SDST to all my friends and everyone around me! This digital space, there’s a space for everyone! Many thanks to Sarmlife!

    I’m rating 5 stars and more!!!


  35. Okpala chisom

    For me, SDST has been informative, educative, and creative all at once.

    With the help of the courses, I have discovered my strength and weaknesses as a creative

  36. Chineze

    This digital courses have broadened my horizon of how there is more to the media life.

    So far the courses have been awesome, to be fair more value worth any penny dropped. The coaches are phenomenal and you’ll enjoy every minute spent with them.

    The Creative writing course taught me a lot, it’s beyond just bringing out a pen to write down whatever comes to mind. It takes time, dedication, and continuous practice. I’m eager for the last course and I have no doubt it will be superb.

    Do well to sign up for the next batch, you won’t regret it.

  37. Uchenna

    Creative Writing class made know the importance of detailed writing and describing your words like they are living beings.

    This class was so amazing with so many things learnt in a short period. Miss Abosede motivated us to go beyond normal writing to extra-ordinary writing.

    This was worth my money, energy, and time.

  38. Sharry

    The last time I was active as a writer was almost a decade ago; I never knew I still had it in me.
    The creative writing class revived me and now I’m never letting it go. Signing up with SARMLife is worth everything. Thank you SARMLife.

    Is there a 10-star ✳️ ratings please?
    5 Star ✳️ is under-rated

  39. Chika

    Three months of the SDST Digital training has come and gone. It hasn’t been the easiest couple of months. The training is a lot, but the accolades and awards are the rewards of my effort make me smile.

    I’ve watched less movies, read less books, gisted less, slept less, worked more, blogged even harder, wrote more, built my brand more, and satisfied my clients even more.

    I am learning more, tried new things, seeing my level of expertise and allowing my brain to stretch to deep places, because now, I know that I can handle it.

    I don’t even know how I do it but I am grateful. Thank you SDST. You make everything easy.

  40. Ishola Ayomide

    In one word, content creation class was awesome.
    I am ready to put everything into practice.❤

  41. Olubusayo Onaolapo

    When I started this course months ago, I didn’t know I’ll meet such wonderful people.

    I didn’t even know I’d learn this much.

    Am really grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

    Thanks to all our Intelligent “lecturers”😃😃

    God bless you bountiful.

  42. Peacy

    Content creation was insightful, so much with what one can do with canva. 😍

    Following design rules with constant practice and you’re good to go with graphic designing.

    Learned about editing with lightroom too.
    Thank you, SARMLife.

  43. Anonymous

    Content Creation Class was very practical and insightful. It really gave me confidence in my graphic designing and video editing skills. I am really grateful for this class. All the materials given are useful and valuable.

  44. Akanbi Belkis Bisola

    Having undergone content creation class taught by Coach Banji, I gained clarity on who a content creator is, how content is being generated, various ways in which contents are been disseminated, the skills I should have as a content creation enthusiast.

    All the YouTube videos(Coach Banji made and the ones he recommended) made it so easy to understand the basic skills a content creator should possess.

    I can say with my full chest that I can now design a beautiful graphic, photo editing is something I can do with confidence now, video editing is now soft work for me. Thank you coach Banji for making the class an eye-opener and a confidence booster for me💃💃💃.

    At the end of it all, I’m grateful
    Thank you, SARMLife
    Thank you, Coach Banji

  45. Tosin Azeez

    The content creation class was insightful and it’s a great class for content curators to learn and improve their social media skills.

  46. Ishola Ayomide

    4 months in SDST were the best time of year 2021 for me. Learning Digital Marketing with Miss Ruth was amazing. I can boldly say that I am a certified digital marketer.

    Learning social media management with Coach Kator was so awesome for me, he made social media so easy through assessments and practical.

    Creative writing was also one of the best, I learnt all I could learn in writing. Miss Abosede took her time to correct us and I’m glad I become better.

    Content creation class by Coach Banji was also an amazing one. I am super grateful for SDST and the organizer of this training. God bless you!

  47. Okpala chisom

    Before I signed up for SDST I was just a writer who was making small bucks with my writing skills and doing a 9-5 job that seemed like Slavery.

    After the first month, I knew that signing up for SDST was one of the best decisions I made in the year 2021. The first month was on digital marketing and by the time the training was over. I realized that Digital marketing was where I had to be.

    The training is finally over and I am leaving as a certified Digital marketer and content writer.

    Thank you SDST, this training was needed.

  48. Gloria

    To be honest, words cannot describe how much value I got from SDST. Every trainer knew his/her onions and taught from a depth of understanding.

    Before SDST, I was just a regular user occupying a little space online. Now, I’m ready to put all I’ve learned into practice and even impact more lives.

    Thanks to every coach that taught this particular cohort. You’re definitely part of my success story

  49. Ifeoluwapo+Aduni+Abe

    The introduction to content creation course was educative. From the teachings, to the materials, the assessments, everything added up.

    One month is definitely not enough to learn everything under content creation and so I’ll have to do more work based on the foundation already given us by the coach.

    Thank you SARMLife for the opportunity. Thank you Coach Banji.

  50. Cynthia+chinaza

    To me, content creation is a continuation of what I did in social management and creative writing class,(they are related) so it was soo easy for me and the coach was very explanatory.
    SARMLife to the world 🥰🤩😘

  51. Cynthia+chinaza

    Hmmm, if I start writing everything, my experience before and after SARMLife, I won’t be done today.

    Before SDST, I had a strong passion for blogging, writing, and creating good content but didn’t know how to go about it by myself nor monetize my blogging and writing skills.

    During the digital marketing month at SDST, I learned many marketing tips that opened my eyes to the several ways I can position myself better as a blogger and the good thing is that I had the world’s best coaches.

    Now, I am implementing all I learned, being a better version of myself, and contributing my meaningful quota to the world.

    SDST 2021 was my best decision.
    SARMLife to the world.
    Ruth Adeyemi to the World.

  52. Obasola Olakunle O.

    SARMLife. Thanks for all you do.
    I really appreciate all the courses and classes.

    Before my SDST, I had a strong passion for blogging but didn’t know how to promote myself nor monetize my blogging skills.

    During the digital marketing month at SDST, I learned many marketing tips that opened my eyes to the several ways I can position myself better as a blogger and as a digital Marketer.

    Now, I am implementing all I learned, and since have been working on Fiverr and some other freelance works. Thank you….”

  53. Anny James

    Prior to the course, I didn’t have a direction for my content or create quality branded content. After the course, through knowledge gotten from the Creative Writing course and Content Creation courses, I’ve been able to not only start creating quality branded content with improved story telling but my content has been acknowledged by the writer of a YouTube web series

  54. Erica

    If you want to grow personally and professionally, SDST is for you!
    Beyond grounding me in digital skills that make one relevant in today’s world, it grew my self-confidence. I started to believe that I could become and achieve much more than I ever imagined for myself. That is a growth mindset and, combined with the right skills, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

  55. Anastasia

    I joined SDST to help me navigate the tech world easily.
    My tech and digital journey before SDST on a scale of 1_10 was obviously two (2), I had little or no idea of the right format and skill to make massive income online SDST OPENED ME UP TO OPPORTUNITIES.

    Most coaches in SDST are super supportive and encouraging, accolades to them all from Ruth to Habebaah, it was an easy ride except the assignments 😉 but I overcame and got better.
    I gained alot from SDST and I am currently using those skills daily.
    Every knowledge gained will be used in What is to come.
    Thank you @SDST BEST DECISION TAKEN 👏 🙌 ❤️ 😘

  56. Olutosin .A.

    Before joining SDST my skills were limited to writing with a basic knowledge of how to leverage technology to maximize the benefits that online platforms offer

    My goal was to equip myself with the necessary tools and knowledge to thrive and gain competitive advantage in the digital landscape, and I achieved that at SDST

    The coaches were exceptional. Their courses were delivered in the simplest way possible for easy comprehension.

    Consequently, my digital journey has been transformed and I’m so excited to apply my newly acquired digital skills through this empowering experience in my career.

  57. Bisola Rofiat Atobatele

    It was fantastic and money worth spending at SARMLife Digital Skills Training (SDST).

    I joined SDST because I was intrigued by the course outline and I believed there are so many useful skills to be learned here, I also wanted to network and connect with people with like minds.

    I have a techy background before joining SDST so it wasn’t tedious to catch up faster.

    I had great experiences with all the coaches, they are knowledgeable and so impactful, and every lecture was seamless.

    I gained a vast knowledge at SDST which I have started utilizing in building my personal brand, like I said earlier it is worth every penny.

    Thank you Ruth for this program, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has little or no background in technical skills.


  58. Collins

    Being a part of the SDST is a real game changer for me. The practical knowledge and soft skills I have acquired from the training so far has really enhanced the way I see things and my overall performance. I have not seen this kind of training anywhere else. Why? Coach Ruth is dynamic and unique. She’s not just concerned with coaching and leaving you to sort things out by yourself, but always ready to give you any support you need as you learn.
    📌 You are always carried along. The coach does her best to ensure everyone is on the same page.
    📌 Another virtue of Coach Ruth is that she comes down to your level to make you understand and be able to practice what you learn.
    📌 Any achievement, commitment and hardwork is recognised and duly rewarded.
    📌 You get value much more beyond your money
    📌 You have the opportunity of joining a team of great individuals
    📌 Healthy competition and mutual support.
    📌 The thrill of doing what you love and the fulfillment that comes with it.

    The benefits of being a part of the SDST is better experienced than described.
    Being a part of this team is one of the best decisions you can take.

  59. Confidence

    I joined SDST because I was interested in improving my knowledge on social media management because as at then I recently got interested in that.

    When I did join SDST it was from one digital eye opening skill to the other. Everything was merged and the courses just came at the right time.

    Before I joined SDST I was just a girl who knew she had maybe just a little to offer but no direction,clarity or even the confidence to actually make those bold steps or believe that I actually had something valuable to give.

    SDST was a practical game changer for me. I developed more confidence leaned both soft and hard skills.

    I learnt leadership,team work,how to adjust to different situations and timely delivery of any project.

    Each amazing coach came with their different stories that made giving up on our own goals something we would never think of and just showed us different sides of the digital world.

    I really have gained more than I imagined or expected from SDST.
    The support, the new valuable friendships,the regular assignments that test our strengths ,the motivation.
    I can’t even say more.

    Because of SDST, I did shut out the voices in my head and went ahead to open my own personal brand.

    something I didn’t find courage to do In 1year plus.
    If there’s one word for SDST it would be I made the right choice.

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