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The things you tell me to do about my blog marketing and the sales challenge has helped me a lot. I'm coming out of my shell and I made over $1000 within our last two weeks of coaching. Thank you, Ruth.

Jannell CEO, Wig Maker

It was very enlightening, and it is shocking how much you can learn in a few days. This is something a person gets admitted to study in the University for a year, and they say they did a diploma course and all, but then this is a 3-days crash course, and you impacted so much knowledge in a way so easy to understand. The course was not ambiguous but beneficial and genuine. I look forward to seeing results.

Chiamaka Blogger

Thank you for taking your time to break the content down. You really took your time, and I can see that you actually prepared for it. I am also guessing you have been through what we are facing right now and really understand what it takes. Thus you explained from the point of your experience, which is very nice. I understand better when being taught from experience because that is how I teach too. Overall, learning was convenient, and I would like to be a blogging coach too, someday

Esther Blogger

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