I grew up in a small town in Ekiti State, Nigeria, where all I knew was my family and friends. And, at age eight (8), my biggest dream was (and still is) to be a Pharmacist; I always knew I would be a health practitioner.

At age fifteen (15), I left my family to study Biochemistry in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and that was the beginning of a dramatic mindset shift.

Now, my undying desire is to help every human that crosses my path, and SARMLife gives me the platform to actualize my desire daily.

I love to write, I like to teach, and I long to help.

Fun fact: I like good food, haha!

For partnerships, collaborations, or to build a relationship with me, feel free to email sarmlife@zohomail.com or reach out on Instagram.

Welcome to SARMLife, a place where we all work together to Carve Our Desired Futures…I am still carving mine…

Ruth Adeyemi

Our creative team

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