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The best free SEO tools to optimize your websites – SARMLife 

SEO is very easy to do when you have the knowledge and are armed with the right tools. And, organic traffic is the most popular/easiest way to increase site traffic using Search engine optimization. There are tons of free SEO tools available for use, but some of these tools have a lot of limitations (which is …


The 10 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress To Make Optimization Easy

Do you find it challenging to select from the available list of SEO plugins for WordPress?  This blog post contains a list of the 10 best SEO plugins for WordPress and a detailed explanation to aid your decision process. When it comes to making your sites rank on the first page of Google, having a …


BLOG SEO: 8 free tips to optimize your blog posts for consistent SEO ranking

Blog SEO is no joke! After restructuring our website and deleting most of our previous content, we expected our blog posts to take a while to rank on Google. But with blog SEO, we were able to get our blog post to rank #1 for the particular keyword: challenges of an African blogger between 16th …


SEO writing | 10 proven tips on writing blog posts that rank on Google

“What is the use of writing great blog posts that won’t rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs and people won’t see?” – Ruth Adeyemi.  Beyond writing valuable content to my readers, I always make sure that these contents are fully optimized for search engines. To do this, I follow a strict SEO blog …