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9 Latest Content Writing Tools for SEO every blogger needs – SARMLife

Living in an era where content is the new black or orange has placed content writers in high demand. While still trying to maintain quality, the increased workload has made it almost impossible to avoid using content writing tools for SEO purposes. This blog post is dedicated to all hardworking content writers who need content …


13 Most Important Google Analytics Metrics Every Blogger Must Track

There are hundreds of Google Analytics metrics available on the Google Analytics platform, and it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of the ones that truly matter or get distracted by the various data being displayed. Regardless of what specific goals you are targeting, there are some Google Analytics metrics that every blogger should …


How to choose the best blogging platform for your blog in 2022

You are probably finding it difficult to decide on a particular blog platform to use for your website because you are swamped with several options that seem good; but, are they great? Which of these several platforms is the best blogging platform? And why? This is what you are about to find out Each of …


15 free blog topic generators for irresistible blog posts inspiration

In our recent blog post, we tackled the hurdle most bloggers face in coming up with blog post ideas, and we ended it with 40 amazing blog topic ideas to get you started on your content creation consistency. Blog topic generators are fast becoming the go-to for most content creators and bloggers because even with …

Top 5 Blogging Communities for


If you’ve ever felt alone in your blogging journey, it is a sign that you need to have a community, and there are many blogging communities out there for you. But first, what is a blogging community? A blogging community is simply a way for bloggers to interact with and share ideas, pain points, challenges, …