If you’ve ever felt alone in your blogging journey, it is a sign that you need to have a community, and there are many blogging communities out there for you.

But first, what is a blogging community?

A blogging community is simply a way for bloggers to interact with and share ideas, pain points, challenges, and solutions. Consider a blogging community as a social platform for bloggers.

And having a community doesn’t mean you’re weak as a person or can’t stand on your own as a blogger. Instead, a blogging community is a place to get strength, support, help, resources, and make valuable contributions to another blogger’s progress.

I also see a blogging community as a place for potential friendships and long-term networking. 

Starting as a blogger, I struggled with the thought of quitting so many times. There were times I needed help with guest-posting or for someone to comment on my blog posts because I wasn’t getting much traffic and my blogging community always came through.

For real, wouldn’t it be great to know that you aren’t alone in your journey as a blogger?

Anyhoo! Now that you know what a blogging community is, let me share with you the top 5 blogging communities in the blogging world that YOU SHOULD JOIN ASAP.

Yes, there’s a special blogging community waiting for you at the end. Keep reading so you do not miss it!

What to look for in a blogging community?

I’ll give you quick tips on what to look for in a blogging community if you’re a little not sure. 

Here are the top 6 blogging communities to join NOW If you've ever felt alone in your blogging journey.

Blogging Community goals: As a blogger, the first thing to look for in a community are the goals that bind it. What are the community’s mission, vision, and goals? Do the goals align with your goals and that of your blog?

A sense of accountability: Accountability is crucial for you as a blogger, so finding a blogging community with a sense of accountability is even vital. A community that just wings it is not a good choice. There is no sense of accountability if a community doesn’t have rules regarding goals and deadlines.

A desire to lift each other: There is no good in putting others down for the sake of competition, and if you find a blogging community with the desire to lift its members, you’ve found the right community. A community that desires its members’ success and progress is a community worth keeping.

The desire to grow: As a blogger, it is crucial to look for growth in a community. If a community is not growing, its members make no efforts. WATCH OUT FOR THAT!

The greatest of all, love: What is a community without love? Find a community that has a love for all its members. Find a community that genuinely cares about you as an individual and blogger.

Let’s check out these ah-mah-zing communities…


  1. DoSplash

DoSplash is a new blogging community with consistent blog posts from different bloggers. There are different niches, so you do not have to worry about your niche fitting into the blogging community. You also have the luxury of looking through other bloggers’ posts to develop ideas for your blog posts.

Check DoSplash out.

  1. Blog Engage

Blog Engage says everything about its community immediately you go on its website. Blog Engage doesn’t only serve as a platform for bloggers to interact, but the community goes as far as promoting and marketing your posts to various platforms. Isn’t that amazing? This blogging community has many community features like adding like-minded bloggers to your list, commenting on other bloggers’ posts, private messaging, guest blogging, joining groups, and more. 

Check Blog Engage out.

  1. Triberr

Triberr is another blogging community with great features for its members. You get more shares, traffic, and so much more. You do not need to worry about promoting your blog posts, especially if you’re new to blogging. Triberr helps you import your content and share it with their audience. You also get to meet notable influencers.

Check Triberr out.

  1. Blokube

Blokube is a great blogging community that supports the sharing and promotion of blog posts. When you submit your blog articles, there will be a review by those involved; then, your posts get shared on the main page. 

Check Blokube out.

  1. Medium

Medium isn’t just a blogging platform but a blogging community for bloggers out there. You get to read inspiring stories, and it’s a large platform to share your blog posts. You also have the luxury of going over published blog posts for an idea of what to write.

Check Medium out.

You know a few things about a blogging community already, so what are the benefits?


1.     An additional support system: You might have friends and family members who support you, but there is nothing wrong with having an additional support system, especially from a place with people of similar goals. As a blogger, you definitely have some pain points you’re experiencing, and discussing them with your friends and family members might not be the best because they might not have the right advice to give you.

However, sharing your pain points with your community of fellow bloggers is a better option because some of them might have also had similar experiences and how they overcame those pain points. A community provides that additional support your friends and family can’t give you. Sometimes, you need to listen to and learn from those who have been in the blogging world before you. It makes your journey easier.

2.     An open door to access the blogging world: You keep learning, right? And having a community even helps by adding more knowledge to your bank of knowledge. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a conference where you get to see and learn from great bloggers and influencers just because your community gives you that access? There are some instances where bloggers get the opportunity of a lifetime thanks to their blogging community.

A community that desires to see its members grow will always find means of making sure its members get excellent opportunities. You might not get certain opportunities if you depend solely on yourself and your abilities. For instance, you might get to travel and meet new business people, especially if you’re focused on turning your blogging into a business.

You might also get to attend business seminars and discuss all that is going on in your industry. The best part is you might even get people willing to invest in your business. Having a blogging community gives you golden access to golden opportunities.

3.     A place where you can vent out your anger: You love your clients, readers, and customers, no doubt. However, there are times when you just want to stop all you’re doing because they are giving you a headache. A community where love reigns will be more than glad to provide you with tips on how to handle your relationships with your clients. They might even give you ideas on how to drive traffic to your business. Isn’t that great?!

4.     Help you see the bigger picture: Sometimes, how we view certain things isn’t all there is to them. However, having a blogging community will help you with your limited vision.

Let’s say you have an idea, but it’s pretty vague. You might be missing something. But someone else in your blogging community might see what you’re missing exactly. So, with the extra eye, you might get a clearer picture.

5.     An opportunity to make valuable contributions: Having a community isn’t only about taking and receiving something; it is also about giving and contributing something valuable. There are things you might have learned as a blogger, and there are people in your community who desire to grow. Your duty as a member is to help others grow by contributing something of value to their lives.

Even as you do this, you’re also making a good name for yourself and your business. You might not feel comfortable sharing all your secrets, but at least share with others your challenges, the difficulties you’ve faced, and how you overcame them. Who knows, there might be someone whose life would be blessed because of your story.

I hope you can see the benefits of a blogging community.

Let me also share what having a blogging community does not mean.


Having a blogging community DOES NOT MEAN:

  • You should not do any work, or you should depend totally on your blogging community. A community is basically there to support you.
  • You should always ask for financial help. The people in your blogging community also have their needs, so consider them.
  • You would do well as a blogger. It would be best if you also put in the effort. A community will mainly help when it sees you already have something you’re doing, a business you’re running, or an idea you’re implementing.
  • Your fellow bloggers would share all their business secrets or issues. Try to work things out by yourself. However, seek help when it gets overwhelming or confusing.
  • You should compare yourself with your fellow bloggers. Keep being the best version of yourself for yourself and your business. There is no reason to be toxic, and there is always room for everyone. Simply stand out and do your best.


Guess what?!

SARMLife has a blogging community, BlogAfriquė. BlogAfriquė is a blogging community by SARMLife created specifically for African bloggers to address issues that are specific to the African blogger.

The community hosts a bi-annual retreat at the beginning of the year and closer to the end of the year to keep their community motivated. We allow our community members to share blogging-related posts and Ruth shares helpful articles, freebies, and posts to keep members engaged, and helped.

We have so many discussions on professional blogging, monetization, preparing for brand partnerships, and everything else.  You can join BlogAfriquė here.

Here are the top 6 blogging communities to join NOW If you've ever felt alone in your blogging journey.

As a blogger, you need a place to get strength, help, encouragement, and support.

You’ve just read that a community can also serve that purpose. Please note that this post doesn’t support total dependence on a community because even your community can fail you.

However, I encourage you to find a blogging community that desires your growth as an individual and a blogger. Find a blogging community that will push you to be the better version of yourself. Even as you find that community, be a contributor of something good to the lives of others.

I am rooting for you!

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    So, I stumbled on your blog by searching “Blogging Communities” on Google.

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    I’m just hearing about DoSplash and your Facebook Community for the first time… I joined your community already, just waiting for you to approve my request.

    To be honest, I haven’t really been using these blogging communities and that’s because I just resumed blogging last month. Hopefully, I will try to reactivate my accounts on the other platforms and get kicking and ticking on them.

    Thanks for always sharing value! 👍🏾


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