Content SEO made easy [Beginners + Intermediate]

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As a business owner/blogger/SEO writer, you want more people to know about your services, products, or clients’. And SEO, being a digital marketing strategy, is the best and fastest way to achieve that goal. 

It positions your blog site for excellent visibility, which leads to more growth, and this course promises to teach you an excellent way of growing your blog organically.

Even if you don’t have an online presence but a knack for helping other people’s businesses grow, this course is also for you.


Sign up NOW and enjoy your ride to the world of visibility and increased revenue!


SARMLife’s SEO Course teaches you the techniques needed for your brand/business to rank on the first page of Google search, plus tactics to increase your business revenue.

When your blog can rank for several keywords, you stand the chance of making more sales through strategic SEO Writing.

Why do I need this SEO course?

Because you want more people to know about your brand, services, & products, and SEO is the best and fastest way to achieve that goal.

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone, especially those with a digital presence, Bloggers, Authors, Podcasters, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, etc., to gain insight into how to use SEO to boost sales + traffic.

Benefits/Importance of the course
  1. Sales increment.
  2. You will know the SEO tactic to adopt for your SEO writing.
  3. You will know the best SEO plugins to use.
  4. It will show how to rank your blog/someone else’s blog on Google with SEO.

This course is for everyone especially those with a digital presence; Bloggers, Authors, Podcasters, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, etc. to gain insight into how to use SEO to boost sales + traffic.

You WILL learn:
  1. Elements of an SEO-optimized blog post
  2. How to perform topic, keyword & content research
  3. Writing an SEO-optimized topic, outline & blog post
  4. How to perform SEO Analysis for increased traffic & revenue
  5. SEO trends & strategies to follow
  6. SEO Writing that converts to sales and more…
Course Outline
  •  Differences between SEO and SEM
  • Different types of SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword search
  • Keyword research
  • Content research
  • Topic research
  • Drafting a great blog post that converts
  • The SEO-optimized post skeleton
  • Performing keyword research
  • Performing topic research
  • Performing content research
  • Your SEO-optimized outline
SARMLife’s SEO Framework
  • Content Outline
  • URL Structure
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Internal/External Linking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Rank Math
  • Yoast
  • Ubersuggest
  • Sharethrough Headline Analyzer
  • Writing meta & product descriptions with ChatGPT
  • Drafting outlines with ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT for Content Idea Generation
  • And more uses of ChatGPT in the SEO Writing Process 
  • Keyword Suggestions with Google BARD
  • Using Google BARD for content writing
  • Using Google BARD for blog post statistics generation
  • And more uses of Google BARD in the SEO Writing Process 
  • Duration: 4-day extensive training (Date & Time to be decided upon payment)
  • Location: Virtual [Google Meet]
  • The SEO-optimized post checklist
  • Two (2) SEO-optimized posts samples
  • SEO certification, if needed
  • Editing and feedback on your first SEO-optimized blog post
  • SARMLife’s must-have plugins document

Here is the kicker, I get to edit two of your next posts for free! Email to claim the offer using your assigned client code (You will get this after registering).


I learnt a lot especially SEOpluginss, keyword research, and more. At first, I thought that SEO was so confusing; I heard about it from so many people but when you explained everything, I understood perfectly. Thank you so much.” ~ Opeoluwa

My biggest take away was everything and more you talked about on SEO. Always wanted to know how it works. But thankfully you explained it well and how important keywords are and creating good and quality content.” ~ Oluwatosin

You simplified keywords and SEO.” ~ Nwokedi

9 reviews for Content SEO made easy [Beginners + Intermediate]

  1. Nuela

    This course is DIVINE
    Like everything, SEO simplified
    Coach Ruth, my God will bless you🙏🙏🙏
    If you’re still contemplating whether to register, my brother, my sister, my advice to you is REGISTER NOW!
    It’s really worth investing in.

  2. Daniella Haastrup

    The SARMLife SEO Masterclass was an insightful experience. Before starting the masterclass, I was an “SEO Dummy.” I took some free classes here and there. I watched videos, but nothing made sense. Nothing was working.

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw an ad for this masterclass on IG, and I was like, “Hmmm, let me invest in myself and finally learn this SEO thing o.” I was excited. I reached out to SARMLife and said, “I’m all in.”

    Our first session was so amazing I couldn’t believe how straightforward SEO was. It was like a eureka moment for me. The other sessions were also FANTASTIC.

    Our coach is literally the best teacher!! She broke down all the complex concepts. She was eager to receive feedback and answer questions.

    Our coach covered everything from:

    – How to source for keywords that your target audience is searching for

    – The blog writing process from your introduction to your conclusion

    – How to place those keywords in strategic places throughout your blog post

    – How to ensure that your entire site is SEO-optimized

    – We even learned how to analyze your website traffic using sites like Google Analytics.

    I could go on and on about this MasterClass. I will conclude this review by saying: YOU BETTER RUSH AND BOOK YOUR SLOT FOR THE NEXT CLASS!!

  3. Uchenna Anaekwe

    Before taking SEO Masterclass with SARMLife, I had 30% knowledge of SEO, and now I have x100 because I have an in-depth understanding of what an SEO-optimized post looks like. I know the techniques to apply when writing my blog post for it to be SEO optimized. Being an SEO content writer comes with a lot of benefits, such as being ranked top on Google, which resorts to the following:
    ~ increased traffic on your site
    ~Sales increment
    ~An increased brand awareness
    ~Attention of a global audience to your site
    ~And much more

    You will see these results and much more if you do your SEO right.

    Coach Ruth is a teacher at heart. When coaching you, you can see that she doesn’t just want to teach, and that is it. She wants to coach you, hold your hand and see you at the top as she smiles at you. I recommend her anytime and any day.

    Don’t wink an eye on this SEO course. It is for you!!!

  4. Dammy Ojikutu

    Before taking this course, I tried to learn SEO. I still have links to video courses, but they didn’t make sense. The only thing I took from those was picking content ideas from the ‘People also ask’ section on Google.

    However, I must confess that after the first class with Coach Ruth, I felt like I had been shooting myself in the leg. She simplified everything about SEO.

    I am a heavy introvert. During classes, whether physical or online, I never answer any questions. But Coach Ruth didn’t have it. She skillfully made sure that all of her students participated in the class.

    Now, I can give SEO advice and write an SEO-optimized post, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been under the tutelage of Coach Ruth.

    If you’ve been trying to learn SEO like me and it’s not been fruitful, take this course and don’t bother thanking me. If you plan on adding a new skill to the bag, this course is for you.

  5. Anny James

    Before taking the course, I always wondered why my podcast, blog, and YouTube channel performed so poorly.

    This course opened my eyes to many things, such as the need for proper referencing, alternative description, in-depth research, and everything else that makes a post rank.

    It even taught me about the Google crawlers I never knew existed and their significant impact on your blog.

    I’m leaving this course more confident, ready to work in the SEO field, and more importantly, ready to revamp my blog and use everything I’ve been taught to be a better blogger, podcaster, and creative.

  6. Ifeoluwapo+Aduni+Abe

    The Masterclass experience has been enlightening, insightful, and very helpful.

    Before now, when I heard about SEO, I always thought it was extraordinary that I’d have to be a technical person to grasp it fully, but that is no longer the case. After the first session, I could write an SEO-optimized content outline! Like meee??? Wow.

    With the other sessions, I’ve learned about internal and external linking, how to conduct proper content research for a solid SEO-optimized post,
    what your URL should be like to get better rankings etc.

    I’m glad I signed up for this, tbh. Our coach’s explanations are thorough and simple to understand. She breaks down EVERYTHING that needs to be broken down; she’s always ready to answer your questions, eager to get feedback, and never hesitates to drill you if need be 😂.

    I signed up for this Masterclass a few months ago because I intended to use that knowledge to start and run a fashion blog, but now I’m propelled to do more than just that with what I’ve learned; learned SEO for a business owner, for a YouTuber, for a Podcaster, for a blogger and more!

    I highly recommend any SARMLife product/service. The value is undeniable, and Coach Ruth is very accessible. It’s a great investment; you can’t even regret it.

  7. Sharry

    I’ve always thought SEO was so techy that it requires prior knowledge about IT. However, registering for this masterclass with SARMLife has made me realize that SEO is easy to understand, especially with the right coach like Ruth.

    You are missing a lot if you are still doubting about taking the course.

  8. Tobi George

    My class with Ruth was very insightful. She’s a very patient teacher, and she knows her onions. I will be recommending her to my teammates, and I think you should learn from her if you’re seeking knowledge in content SEO.

  9. Fakuade Ayomide Olajumoke

    To begin with, Ruth demonstrated exceptional kindness and patience throughout this learning process.

    Previously, I had a basic understanding of about 35% of SEO and had explored various resources like YouTube videos.

    However, the class exceeded my expectations! I gained a profound understanding of conducting keyword research, testing keywords, optimizing topics, images, content for SEO and so much more.

    Ruth’s dedication was remarkable, particularly in reviewing my assignments and addressing my inquiries attentively. Her efforts made the learning journey remarkably smooth, enabling me to grasp intricate concepts with ease.

    This class was an invaluable experience that significantly expanded my knowledge and expertise in optimizing content for search engines.

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