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Hello, it’s 4:00 AM in Lagos, and the hustle and bustle have begun.

How was your night?

If you are going to work, you should be heading out by now. You don’t want to get fired!

“Iyalaje” and “Babalaje”, it’s time to open for business. Every sale counts!

This is Lagos, where the day starts at 3:00 AM.

Ugh, the dust, when entering the state, was choky, the exhaust from tons of vehicles, and oh! The traffic! So ridiculous and time-consuming. I had no idea how the locals dealt with that; it was bizarre!

That was how I felt in June 2019 during my first visit to Lagos. And by the time I left, I vowed never to come back on my own volition. The living condition was dangerous to my health, or so I thought.

Fast forward to December 2019; I had to return to Lagos for what I will call “an official meeting.” There were several events planned for this particular trip; there was the Singles Ministry hangout (amazing by the way), series of Christmas events, and meet-ups with loved ones.

During my first few days alone without friends, I took the time to enjoy the scenery of Lagos and geography. From God knows where I started thinking to myself, this could be my home, the state has everything I want, this could be a place where I raise my future children. Haha!

Oh, Ruth, with her not-so-crazy thoughts.


On the third day, I went to my meeting at JJT Park, Ikeja, and I had the best time of my life in Lagos.

My cute girl was there, we walked around the park, had some minutes of girls’ discussion before she ran off to her dad. I was beginning to like this place called Lagos.

That night, I was at Ikeja City Mall, my goodness! I was blown away.

I had wanted something close to life in the USA, and Lagos life was giving me all the feels. I ate to my satisfaction (sure you were expecting to hear that, haha!) and had to go home after that because it was pretty late.

I was getting ready to leave at this point, and best believe, I was sad. I didn’t want to go anymore; I had enjoyed Lagos life for the first time.

Ah, did I forget to mention this!

With the hope to avoid Lagos traffic and enjoy Lagos sceneries, I was on O’ride for the most part. Jeez, it was expensive, but it was worth every penny! You should try them anytime you are in Lagos. With O’ride, I was able to calculate my time of arrival, unlike being in Uber or Taxify that you can’t tell when you will get home.


On my last day, my dear friend Timmy took me to Maryland mall, another time to “enjoy the life of my head.” I had loads of fun, a moment of reflection with my friend, we took pictures and saw each other off.

Mind you, when I was there in June, I couldn’t go anywhere alone, but this time, I was already a pro, a Lagos girl.

Before I withdraw my fingers from making meaningful sentences on the keyboard, I will like to share a few pieces of advice with you because Lagos is a place for everyone but a place to be vigilant as well.


  • Always remember to collect your balance before the driver moves.
  • Traffic is crazy so if you want to get to a place early, use O’ride but expect body ache or leave 2/3 hours earlier.
  • While in transit, especially during traffic, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE, it can be snatched away.
  • You will be given torn money at night when you buy “Suya,” most notably. Spend it at night too 😅, no dulling, I say.
  • There is transport option for every social class, know your level and choose accordingly.
  • Be SMART. You can’t afford to be dull.
Enjoying the Lagos life eating a Jamaican food

Are you thinking of what city to add to your travel bucket list in 2020? My advice: add Lagos to it.

Enjoy the hustle and bustle, and don’t forget my piece of advice; it will surely come in handy.



  1. Beautiful write up which i totally agreed. Lagos is city that rarely sleeps and the people are no strangers to hustle at all. Moving to Lagos from portharcourt in 2021, so been able to adapt easily will help with the traffic, pollution and lifestyle. So help me God..

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