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Today, I will be sharing with you an incredible savings/investment app that I have been using for some time now.

Read along!

For years, I have used investment apps like Acorns, Robinhood, and Stash while abroad. Acorns especially, has been my go-to app because it’s user-friendly and invests for me automatically once I have set it up to do so. Coming to Nigeria, and being a saver, I needed a Naira-based investment app so that I could keep up with saving.

I have heard of Piggyvest, i-invest, and several others, but after several trials, I have concluded that CowryWise is the best investment app in Nigeria. Come and fight me, haha!

What is CowryWise all about, you might ask?

CowryWise is a Naira-based investment app that helps you save with high-interest rates. The platform allows you to save daily, weekly, or monthly towards your saving goals. Just like Ope, a staff at CowryWise, would say, “CowryWise helps you save your hard-earned income smartly”.

They have different types of investment plans ranging from “the first plan” to “Corp Member’s plan,” “mutual funds,” “dollar mutual fund,” and so on.

Yes, you read that right, you can invest your Naira, they then convert it to dollar using the exchange rate. With the dollar-based investment, you won’t have to worry about the devaluation of Naira. So if you save NGN5,000 with a return of 8% per annum, it converts to USD13.89 at an exchange rate of NGN360 per 1 USD. If Naira were to lose its value to USD by 5%, the exchange rate would be USD378, which means your USD13.89 will now be $15.

Let’s do the quick math,
8% * 13.89=$1.11$1.11 + $13.89 = $15.00
Convert $15 to Naira with the $378 exchange rate
Boom, your money has increased from NGN5,000 to NGN5,670.
Now imagine your savings are more than NGN5,000; definitely, the increase would be higher.

Let’s talk about another plan for a second. The Corp Member’s plan is a locked plan that allows you to save a portion of your allowance throughout the NYSC year.

The NYSC Savings plan is a great one for every Corp Member to utilize because, at the end of your service year, you can use your savings to start something great.

You don’t want to be like A Kopa that spent all his allowance during service year and started begging his mom for money each month after NYSC was over.

And experience they say is the best teacher, right? So let me share my experience with you. I hope sharing my experience will help clear any doubt you have left.

I started using CowryWise October 24th, 2019, just about a month ago. I started with their NYSC Savings plan and saved NGN5,000 with a return of 11% per annum. I can tell you that the NGN5,000 I saved has increased by an amount of NGN37.67, an increase you will NEVER get by saving in your bank account. Seeing how promising the platform was, I started another plan, and I definitely do not regret it. As of 21/11/2019, my total savings were NGN7,999, but at this moment (25/11/2019), it is NGN8,010. Mehn, in just four days, that’s amazing!

Okay, Ruth, Piggyvest is also good, so why should I use CowryWise?

Piggyvest is also an excellent app to save, and they are doing a good job. But if you want to save, invest, and get your money back without a dime deducted, then COWRYWISE is all you’ve got. Imagine saving your hard-earned income, and when it’s time to withdraw, a 5% withdrawal fee is deducted. I know it sounds small, but it might hurt if you have bigger savings.

ith CowryWise, NO WITHDRAWAL CHARGE AND THERE IS NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL. Also, there have been issues with using cards from banks like Diamond, and you cannot save less than NGN1,000 a week and NGN5,000 monthly. Too many restrictions!!!

But Ruth, won’t the “NO MINIMUM WITHDRAWAL” bring about indiscipline?
The answer is “No” because most, if not all, plans on CowryWise are locked for some time before you can start to withdraw. No room for indiscipline.
Fine, Ruth, I will download the app and start to save/invest.

Yesssss! That’s the way to go and believe me; you won’t regret it, take it from me. Also, you don’t have to be in Nigeria to use the app, so far you have a Naira-based account that can be linked to the app, you are good to go.

For further inquiries, visit, or send @Cowrywise a DM on Instagram. They respond pretty quickly.
You can also send me a DM on Instagram @officialsarmlife.

Until next time. Much love from Your Favorite Lifestyle Blogger!

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