MASTERING THE ART OF BLOGGING for your business – preview


This is a 15-page preview of the 77-page book.


Over the years, blogging has grown from an action taken from the passion to share a part of oneโ€™s life with the world to a job that pays bills; bills that cater for a comfortable living.ย But, it is baffling to note that most new generation bloggers still start off without a definite reason or a clear path to successful blogging.

From experience and without blaming you, the lack of direction stems from the absence of guidance and resources needed to start WELL, and with a goal in mind.

In this book, I will walk you through the basic tools and features you need to know before starting, and how to monetize your blog. I will also explain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the simplest way possible and other proven ways to market your blog and products.

Come with me as I break down the mystery of successful blogging.


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