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As a college graduate, do you remember how you wanted to finish college? Not because you don’t want to keep those relationships you’ve made over the years, but because you can’t stand any more test, assignments, or projects as in my case. Well, I feel you!

But when you finally did it, you want to get right back. WHY? Well, I think for so many of us, we had not been able to figure out what life after college would look like. We thought we had more time plus the rush to finally complete those courses blinded us from the reality of things.

What happens after college? Will life after college be hassle-free or stress-full?

I remember after my graduation, a friend messaged and the message states “welcome to the labor market.” I quickly rejected that, hahaha! I was like; I will never labor you know.

But the truth is if an individual doesn’t figure out his/her life while in college, he/she might just be added to the statistics of those that labor endlessly after college. Oh! I am not insinuating that it’s going to be easy. But, planned lives tend to be easier than unplanned ones.

I am also not neglecting the fact that sometimes we plan, but life happens, and things don’t go according to plan. Well, it simply means that more planning is required. It might not be easy at first, but as I said earlier, planned lives tend to be easier.

For my friends who are still in college or about to be, it is imperative to start planning where you want to be 4-7 years from now. Even the bible says in Proverbs 16:3 that we should “Commit to the LORD whatever we do, and He will establish our plans.”

How can you commit something to someone if you don’t have that something?

Without keeping you further, I hope this has stirred something in you to not just wait for whatever comes but to PLAN while waiting.

Life itself isn’t easy; now imagine living that life without a sense of purpose.

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