15 free blog topic generators for irresistible blog posts inspiration

In our recent blog post, we tackled the hurdle most bloggers face in coming up with blog post ideas, and we ended it with 40 amazing blog topic ideas to get you started on your content creation consistency.

Blog topic generators are fast becoming the go-to for most content creators and bloggers because even with all these tips and ideas, there is still a tendency, albeit minimal, of getting stuck with inspiration, especially if you are the type of blogger who likes to batch-create contents, and you often have to come up with several ideas at once.

You might also be a freelancer who needs to hand in content ideas to your client in a niche you are unfamiliar with.

Either way and in whatever category you fall into, to keep originality and be unique in record time, you will have to expand your possibilities and delve into online tools available for this exact purpose.

You can use several blog topic generators to get ideas for your blog posts – topics and contents inclusive! Bear in mind that most of these generators still remain a machine and whatever ideas you get to find using these tools need to be refined for optimization.



BuzzSumo is a research and monitoring tool. It can help you keep track of trends and analyze data in your industry. It helps to rank the stories, posts, and other content receiving the most traffic and engagement (based on a given topic).

With this exceptional tool, you also get to uncover the most popular, exciting news and blog posts, which can spark new content ideas that apply to your target audience.

This tool is amazing because you get to analyze the kind of traffic a particular topic has and if it is something that would be of interest to your audience. Asides from this, you also get to be abreast of recent happenings and updates in your niche.

Blog topic generators are fast becoming the go-to for most content creators and bloggers because even with all these tips and ideas, there is still a tendency, albeit minimal, of getting stuck with inspiration, especially if you are the type of blogger who likes to batch-create contents, and you often have to come up with several ideas at once.


CoSchedule is a comprehensive premium tool that helps analyze, plan, create, publish, and promote great content or blog posts.

With a user-friendly dashboard, cross-functional calendar, content/project/asset organization, CoSchedule offers an all-in-one management tool.

Besides all these great functionalities, CoSchedule has an online headline analyzer that helps optimize your ideas to produce great headlines. Upon activation, its scheduling feature works beautifully, allowing you to post to your various social media platforms during peak times, which works wonders in increasing your website traffic.


Once you have a good idea of what you want to write about, head over to Ubersuggest, type in a keyword, and the tool will help generate keywords suggestions that will be sorted by

● Search volume

● Cost per click

● Backlinks

● Ranking

● SEO difficulty among others

Ubersuggest will present you with just the right data, which helps inform your choice of keywords and writing on topics that are of interest to people.

The free version offers just three (3) free searches per day and a paid version that is quite affordable with several benefits depending on the plan you choose.

I’ll be sincere with you and tell you right now that Ubersuggest is my go-to tool for keyword research. It not only shows you how well a particular keyword is doing on search engines, but with the paid version, you get to see historical data, the SEO difficulty, and paid difficulty, among several others.

Google Trends is another brilliant tool that aids your exploration into global data of seasonal trends. You can also explore trends in real-time, although it is limited to specific regions of the world.

It analyzes the popularity of search queries, the increase and decline of trends. Google Trends rightly compares the results to give you a top-notch insight into trends, which helps you optimize your blog post, increases your website traffic, and gives you an edge over competitors.

Google Trends has a significant advantage in that Google is one of the most used search engines globally; therefore, the data it presents applies to a more substantial percentage of the world.

Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can schedule alerts for specific topics (or keyword phrases). This particular tool works for you according to your preference(s).

You just have to get on it. Select the topic(s) you are interested in and the frequency at which you need to be updated about posts related to the topics (it could be daily or weekly). And Google will send you a list of top content related to your chosen topics.

This tool is excellent if you are the type who needs to write about a topic idea you are not entirely familiar with because you get to analyze and compare contents related to that topic and from credible sources.

Google Keyword Planner

Find the keywords your audience is looking for with this free online keyword research tool, Google Keyword Planner. The planner goes beyond just helping you discover relevant keywords; it analyzes and produces an estimated number of searches the keyword gets monthly. It also organizes the keyword, helping you know how it fits into your niche.

This planner is essential because it gives you a data-backed result that lets you know what is relevant from what is not.

Best blog post generators

To use the google keyword planner, though, you need to have a Google Ads account. It is advantageous for advertisers because after analyzing the keywords, you can link it to a particular Ad you might want to run in the future. The planning comes in; you link the keyword to your advertising campaign and plan which keyword fits into which campaign.

This generator might not be the go-to for most bloggers, but it is absolutely free, and you get to see related topic ideas in the search result for a particular keyword and the statistics (Ad-related).


SEMrush is an excellent tool that gives you a colorful and incredible experience of finding solid SEO-tailored idea suggestions that will improve your website traffic and overall ranking when in use. This is what you want when you search for blog topic ideas.

Generator by Hubspot

According to Geekflare, HubSpot’s blog topic generator is one of the straightforward blog topic generators we have on the Internet.

In one click, this free tool generates various blog post ideas. All you need to do is type in the top three keywords (preferably nouns) in your niche and have a result page showing you relevant blog topic ideas generated in a few seconds.

The limitation of this tool is that most of the search results will be related to a single content bucket and will limit your content around a particular idea. If you want a variety of ideas, you will need to input different keywords/nouns.


Reddit is an incredible tool that’s perfect for inspiring blog post ideas. Mind you, it is not a headline or content-generating tool but a social news forum that functions well as a tool to inspire blog post ideas.

How does Reddit work?

Use the search box at the top right of any page on Reddit to search for communities where your industry’s theme is often discussed. You get the luxury to choose from various forms of news stories, videos, and a lot of discussions. With an approach to solving your audience’s problems, you can search for the “How to,” “How can,” tips, and suggestions.

You need to search for your audience’s problems, and you’ll find lots of interesting and captivating topic ideas that you can make a blog post with and serve your audience better.


Quora is a well-known reservoir of content ideas. With questions and answers about everything and anything, this tool is beneficial for bloggers and writers alike.

The exciting thing about Quora is that you get to explore ideas from different professionals in different fields, be in a niche-specific community, and access pain points common to your audience.

Quora is a good generator for blog topics because it is a sure way to know what your audience needs, and with this tool, you get blog topic ideas that are relevant to your audience at that particular time!

Impact (Blog About)

Unlike most others on the list, the Impact (Blog About) tool is set up to spark your creativity and come up with new ideas.

With it, after entering a broad keyword or topic that you want to blog about, that keyword or topic will be sent to the top of the screen to keep it “top of mind,” then the tool generates ideas with blank spaces for you to fill in with your keywords.

When you successfully create a blog topic idea you like, you can save it to a list to send to yourself when you’re done.


AnswerThePublic is a fantastic tool that, in one click, spins out ultra-relevant content ideas. It also monitors trends and updates affiliated with your keywords. It compares search to help you uncover surprising areas of queries and demands that will boost your website’s organic search and eventually drive more traffic.

When you type a short-tail keyword on AnswerThePublic, it presents you with a list of over twenty (20) long-tail keyword ideas of relevant questions your audience often asks. You can also use these long-tail keyword ideas in creating an outline for a blog post about that topic.

The Link Bait is a straightforward and unique, interesting headline-generating tool. It has a multi-functionality that includes the following:

● Headline analyzer

● Headline generator

● Topic follower

● Trending topics

● Word counter

● Case converter

These functionalities are more than enough to get you the content ideas you need for more than a few blog posts.


Find the right blog post ideas perfectly tailored to your audience’s needs with SEOPressor. This tool helps you narrow your focus when you input a generic keyword with their specific blog title suggestions that are catchy and follow SEO best practices.

You can never go wrong with SEO-optimized posts.


The Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a unique content idea generating tool. With a super straightforward and fast interface, it uses a keyword to generate several suitable topics and post ideas for you from which you can choose. After which, you get to save your ideas and create a list for the time of need.

blog post ideas

The truth remains that several other blog topic generators are available online that can help with your content consistency and topic idea generation.

The bottom line is that these tools will not land you the SEO-optimized topics you need; you have to refine, redefine and align these ideas to your target audience and search engines. STAY TUNED for our next blog post on SEO-writing for a more detailed explanation of the SEO-writing process.

With these tools, I am confident that you are well on your way to mastering content consistency and bringing your brand the level of integrity and trust you need.

Now, you can go ahead and come up with blog topic ideas that will blow your audience away.

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