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Is it okay to be financially dependent on your partner? Be it boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé/finance, or husband/wife relationship? Should your man pay most of the bills? These and many more questions flooded my mind a few weeks back. I was so restless that I had to text a brother about the questions. He said, “well, there is not a lot to think about. It’s the norm today.”

My curiosity was not quenched, so I decided to carry out a case study about the topic above. I believe I am not the only one with this train of thought. News outlets, influencers, and credit card companies have discussed this issue over the years, but it seems to get worse over time.

Luckily for me, I work in an environment filled with young adults, so I had the privilege of getting the opinion of 34 individuals (14 males and 20 females).

The question asked during the survey differed by gender. For males in a relationship, the question included;1.) Rate the financial dependability of your girlfriend on a of scale of 1-5. “1” being “a little” and “5” a whole lot.2.) Reasons for spending on her?3.) Is it convenient to spend on her?

Females, on the other hand, had to answer the questions below;1.) Rate his financial responsibility towards you on a of scale of 1-5. “1” being less responsible and “5” very responsible.2.) Will you still love him even if he isn’t financially responsible?

After analyzing the result, 57% of men found spending on their girlfriends to be convenient while the remaining 43% do not. Although, majority of the women think their boyfriends are averagely responsible, and more than a quarter of them won’t stay if he isn’t.

The result shows that most ladies expect their boyfriends to be financially responsible for them. According to some of them, “A man should be a supporter of his woman, he should take care of her and should be able to spend his savings on her” even if it’s not convenient for the man of which a good part of them mentioned that it isn’t.

Now do I think a lady should be dependent on her man? NO. I believe that a woman should be self-sufficient. She should be able to do most things solely. And should a man come in the picture, he should only be to complement the lady and not to be sucked dry.Imagine a lady saying her man should spend his savings on her, what kind of future does she think can come from that?

About men paying most of the bills, this shouldn’t be the norm at all, and should not be socially acceptable. I understand that some men can take care of their women without a headache, but it should never be an expectation.

To wrap it all up, both partners in a relationship should be financially independent of each other. Being financially independent does not only bring about respect, but it saves either of them in case of an unforeseen circumstance.

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