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This 6-weeks Fire-cracking Coaching Program is an intensive and practical Blogging & Digital Marketing hybrid course that equips you with strategies to build a consistent online brand that makes consistent sales.


No fluff, these are the THREE powerful milestones you will achieve: increased sales, increased & sustainable blog traffic, and an effortless product/service launch.

I’ve worked with several business owners over the years, and I am ready to help you MAKE MONEY because I know that you put in the work and you deliver VALUE!

As an entrepreneur, you don’t always fail because you don’t know how to market your products/services. Your challenge could be wanting immediate results, and when you don’t see an immediate result, you GIVE UP!

Which is why I start BLOG2BANK program with a “conditioning your mindset” exercise, after which I will work with you on refining your brand statement and deciding on the best marketing channel for your business including blogging.

HIT THE MONEY MILESTONE: We will work together to choose your best selling product/service and refine your pricing strategy. After which you will learn how to integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing into your business blog and start to create SALES-DRIVEN CONTENT across your platforms.

Finally, we will refine your launch plan to address what works & what doesn’t. You will also use my weekly sales challenge framework to lock-in more customers.

Baby! The end goal is to begin attracting CONSISTENT LEADS and make CONSISTENT SALES!!!

Let’s do this!


This is the program for you if you can relate to one of these statements!

  • “I am tired of always launching several business ideas and they keep failing.”
  • “I don’t know the best marketing strategy to implement to start seeing consistent sales in my business.”
  • “I am scared of transitioning into the entrepreneurial lifestyle even though I know deep down that I are meant to be an entrepreneur.”
  • “I just started my business and I want to start making consistent sales”


Client Success Stories

Thank you for giving me another perspective to blogging because I intended to just to do anything that comes to my mind. Thank you for opening my eyes to see that blogging is more than blogging, it is a business. I love the way you teach, explained everything and broke it down. And I will recommend the class to people. It was worth it because I began earning 4,5-figures in my chin-chin business after the course!



I started my scent business in March 2021 during the 4-month coaching program with Ruth, and since then, my sales & audience have increased. Before the marketing class, my audience viewing rate declined, but that grew like a "boom" afterward. I will be launching my website soon; I'm really grateful.”


CEO, Scentsationals

Freebies (GOLD) specially made for you in the program! Yaas!


10-step guide to meeting your sales goals


50 affirmations to ease into the entrepreneurial life


My secret handbook on how I made 7-figures with less than 2K followers on Instagram

A community filled with endless support


My SEO-Hack to consistent sales on your blog


5 Blog post templates that convert to SALES & BLOG TRAFFIC



Program Cost - $1,575



  • Access to all course modules
  • Video conference call once a week to discuss action plans, progress, shortcomings, etc. (2 hours each)
  • Personal times to work on projects
  • Bimonthly 1:1 session with each client (45 minutes)


N.B.: This is a hybrid class with full support from me all through this journey.




SARMLife courses have really enlightened me on how to put myself out there in the digital space. It has given me insight I never knew before in terms of blogging, content creation, creative writing, social media management.  The results I see now are actually overwhelming. I earn about 5-figures from my business and it tells me that I am doing something different from what I usually do.  SARMLife is a brand that gives value and I recommend them anytime any day.



It was very enlightening and it is shocking how much you can learn in a few days. This is something a person gets admitted to study in the University for a year and they say they did a diploma course and all but then this is a 3-days crash course and you impacted so much knowledge in a way so easy to understand. The course was not ambiguous, but beneficial and genuine. I look forward to seeing results.



Why should you sign up for coaching?

In my Experience with my Business Coach,

Coaching shortens the destination distance, that’s it!  For example, if person A takes 2 years to achieve her sales goal without coaching, person B will achieve the same sales goal within 3-6 months WITH COACHING! Why then will you want to prolong your progress?

What you stand to lose if you don't sign up



You believe in visuals? Hear from Jannell, Wig Maker, in the video.

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Will this really work for me?

Heck yeah!


And I'll be honest with you, you have a part to play throughout this program. And as long as you stay committed to the game plan, I do not doubt that your bank will smile during and after the program! 

How do I get the best from this course?

It’s simple, do the work, ALL OF IT! And;

Have more questions?

Your monetary investment is $1575. With your schedule in mind, Blog2Bank coaching program goes straight to the point with its content so you don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes on each module. The conference calls are also designed to raise the genius in you in a timely manner so that you have more time to implement and begin to see immediate change in your business. In short, no time wastage! 

Yes. After the down payment, you will have a two times payment plan option

After applying, someone from the SARMLife team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

If you miss the call, please reach out to us via to reschedule 

Each module goes in-depth with the material and they each contain actional steps you can do for immediate results.

The program speaks for itself so once you are in, you won’t want to opt-out. We do not offer refunds.

Please reach out via for questions or concerns. Allow me to welcome you to your positive transformation!



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