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There are many alternative breakfast ideas for Nigerian homes aside from the conventional Rice and Stew, which we are all tired of, generally speaking.

Last week, I asked our followers on our Instagram page what their experience with rice and other carbohydrates, in general, looked like, and it wasn’t surprising to hear that majority of them find rice to be inescapable in their meals. Someone even went as far as saying that “Rice is king in Nigeria,” I couldn’t agree more because we are born into carbohydrates in Africa, which makes it hard to take the food off our diet completely.

Most of the time, we ate rice for breakfast, and growing up, I thought there wasn’t a better alternative. I can’t remember how many times we ate a protein-rich food for breakfast; it was either rice and stew or yam and stew (not yam and eggs o). We didn’t see how unbalanced our diet was because we most likely would have a strictly high-protein food for lunch while dinner would be a mix of both and other classes of food.

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Living far away from home opened my eyes to see a lot of healthier alternatives to the plain ole Rice and Stew. Not that I no longer eat rice, but I now combine it with healthier sides.

Here are five alternative breakfast ideas for Nigerian homes that we seldom consider. I hope you will re-consider your food time-table after reading this, haha!


  • Plantain Frittata

This food is an upgraded version of plantain and eggs. It is a dish made with ripe plantain, eggs, and vegetables. The plantains are fried and set aside, while the veggies are sautéed and mixed with the eggs. Afterward, the egg mix is poured into a baking pan, and the fried plantain is arranged over the egg mixture and baked. It can also be prepared over the stove using a frying pan. It is best enjoyed with a cup of hot tea.

A fun fact about plantain frittata is that you can add as many nutritious foods as you want, which gives you high energy to start your day!

We have different kinds of frittata; the choice is yours. But the main ingredient is your egg. Now, you can get out of the usual and try the unique. You’re welcome.

  • Pancakes

This breakfast food is a personal favorite I enjoy with a glass of chilled milk. Pancakes have grown in the populace over the years because it is delicious and takes little time to prepare. Children also love this dish as it has a sweet taste similar to cakes.

Pancakes are made with flour, eggs, melted butter, milk, baking powder, sugar plus flavor, and salt to taste. Some persons add fruits to enrich the batter like grated carrots or smashed bananas.

Pancakes are served with maple syrup, honey, jam, and so on.

  • Yam and Scrambled Eggs

Oh, the delights of this delicacy! Yam and egg can be eaten at any time of the day. You can either fry or boil and finish it with a cup of hot tea. You can also add veggies to the eggs for extra nutrients for children. Trust me; you can never go wrong with this.

Yam and egg: alternative breakfast ideas for Nigerian homes
Ruth’s kitchen

  • Akara and Akamu

Yeah! Growing up, this was the customary Saturday morning breakfast. Although I was not too fond of the long process of peeling the beans, washing, and grinding, the result was desirable and worth it. Making Akara is now a lot easier using processed bean flour; all that’s needed is your onion, pepper, and other embellishments like fish, boiled eggs, crayfish, or even beef.

Akara can be taken with Akamu (pap), custard, or bread.

N.B. I don’t have pictures for this food because I barely eat it, sorry. *makes baby face*

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  • Bread and Tea

The customary breakfast go-to. When you aren’t feeling up to cooking so early in the morning or simply craving it, you’re still on track.

You can have your bread with butter or eggs and can be used to make toast too. Another delicacy you can make from your bread is a sandwich. There’s the famous PB&J sandwich, vegetable sandwich, and I recently discovered a potato sandwich recipe!

N.B. I don’t have pictures for this food because I barely eat it, sorry. *makes baby face*

Now that you have 5 alternative breakfast ideas different from that meal you constantly consume, what’s your excuse? Don’t be lazy, get in the kitchen, and make your stomach happy.


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