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  • Name: Pamo Apreala
  • Age: 33
  • Fun fact: I don’t let trends dictate my style, rather I dress according to how I feel. Additionally, I stay stylish without breaking the bank.
  • Pet Peeve: Taking advantage of my kindness or vulnerability
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur, Petroleum and Environmental Scientist
  • Social Media Handles: IG @d_cookieman, FB:Pamo Apreala
  • Favorite Fashion Brand: ASOS, and Hawes & Curtis


From an academic standpoint, I am a trained Geologist, and a certified Petroleum and Environmental technician. Upon the completion of my M.Sc at Coventry University, United Kingdom, I practiced for a few years in Nigeria before relocating to the United States in 2017.

These days, however, I am into a lot of things ranging from tech to business and investment.

From a social standpoint, I am an ambivert which means I enjoy my own company, but when I do step out, my outfits are a more wholesome reflection of myself.


I began to pay close attention to what I wear as far back as my undergraduate days – about 15 years ago. As a matter of fact, I was usually described as that guy that likes “yanga” (Nigerian term for fashion wokeness) because my outfits were always coordinated, from my hat to my sneakers.

Presently, I would describe my style as classy and contemporary.

Over the past few years, I have grown into a calm and accommodating man and I love to express this personality through my choice of clothes. Along with that, I take pride in my Ijaw heritage, regardless of the thousands of miles between myself and my hometown, which is why I enjoy incorporating aspects of my traditional attire into my daily outfits.

Because my weekly activities vary, below is an average depiction of what a busy week for me looks like. I hope to inspire someone out there as I share my choice of clothes for different days of the week.

Week of Outfits: MONDAY

I like to set the tone for the rest of the work week by starting off with a sharp look.

Pamo's week of outfits
  • Bowtie and Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
  • Suit and Pants: Asos
  • Shoes: Men’s Vintage Velvet Embroidery Noble Tassel Loafer Shoes
  • Wristwatch: Men’s Diesel Deadeye Chronograph Leather Band Watch DZ4407


Staying classy, but contemporary means taking creative liberties with the standard suit look.

  • Shirt: Hawes & Curtis
  • Pants: Asos
  • Tie: Pierre Cardin Slim Tie
  • Suspender: Slim JJ (from Amazon) Lab made Diamond Wrist chain
  • Shoes: Asos Men Tassel Oxfords
  • Watch: Michael Kors Dylan Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch


A bit of flair is all you need to tackle the mid-week blues.

Week of outfits: Wednesday
  • Jacket: ASOS design wool mix in black
  • Glasses: Gucci GG0307S foldable sunglasses
  • Tie: Dunhill Slim Black
  • Shirt: Hawes & Curtis Purple and White Stripe
  • Wrist: Fitbit Hr Alta Pulse and Heart Rate Tracker
  • Shoes: Men’s Vintage Velvet Embroidery Noble Tassel Loafer Shoes
  • Waistcoat: ASOS Black Velvet Waistcoat


A classic suspender look to hold down Friday Junior.

  • Tie: Thomas Pink Slim White and Velvet
  • Shirt: Hawes & Curtis Plain White Herringbone
  • Pant: ASOS Super Skinny Suit Pant in Burgundy Velvet
  • Shoes: White Puma Cats
  • Watch: Stuhrling Original Men Swiss Quartz Dial Color Silver Watch (599G.04)


Peace out to the work week. Hello to the weekend! #weekending

  • Tie: Unbranded Groomsmen Bowtie
  • Shirt: Perry Ellis Slim fit Non-Iron White Tech Dress Shirt
  • Pants: Slim fit Suit Pants
  • Vest: Harry Brown Wedding Wool Blend Blue Donegal Skinny Fit Curved Suit Vest
  • Shoes: Bershka Men Denim Low Top Sneakers in Blue and White


The name is Apreala, Pamo Apreala!

  • Bespoke Adrican Senator Attire by IG: @mrfekleve
  • Watch: Stuhrling Original Men Swiss Quartz Dial Color Silver Watch (599G.04)
  • Ring: Custom Made Maissonite Wedding Band
  • Hat: Mens Steven Land Fedora Silver Gray 100% Australian Wool Ayden
  • Neck: Custom Made Cultural Bead Chain Shoes: Meijiana Mens Luxury Loafers Shoe with Gold Plate Logo
  • Glass: Gucci GG0307S foldable sunglasses


Keeping it sunny this Sunday and every Sunday.

  • Hat: Mens Bruno Capelo Fedora Black 100% Wool
  • Bespoke Etibo attire by IG: @munds18
  • Pants: ASOS Super Skinny Suit Pants in Khaki
  • Watch: Stuhrling Original Men Swiss Quartz Dial Color Silver Watch (599G.04)
  • Shoes: Bershka Khaki & White Low Top Sneakers

I hope I have inspired you to be classy without leaving out your CULTURE.

Now create your Smart, classy, and contemporary Life.

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