A WEEK OF OUTFITS DIARY: Stylish College Outfits Inspired by Francis Alip

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  • Age: 22
  • Fun fact: I have a twin brother at UNF that wants to be a physical therapist. He is a minute older than me, but for whatever reason, I am about 4 inches taller than him, haha!
  • Pet Peeve: When my tutees want me to do all the work for them! Occupation: Full-time Student, Head Tutor at Academic Support Center, Jacksonville University
  • Social Media Handles: IG @francisalip, FB: Francis Alip
  • Favorite Fashion Brand: Abercrombie & Fitch

Francis Alip is a final year student majoring in biology & psychology with a chemistry minor at Jacksonville University.

He has; served as the president of several prominent organizations on campus, done several types of research, and always made our eyebrows rise from his fashion sense.

He is also a member of the Presidential Leadership Advisory Council and a Student Representative on the Pre-Health Committee on campus.

"In high school, I never had any nice clothes, and I had very low self-esteem. In college, I wanted to reinvent myself so that summer, I worked a lot to save up money to get some clothes. 

I like being able to represent myself well as well as express my personality through what I wear. It gives me a lot of confidence and allows me to feel secure when I’m in any situation.

I'm still trying to expand my boundaries and experiment with new things, but so far, I've come a long way, and it's a wonderful feeling when someone says "you look nice." I genuinely love helping those around me, and I think it's those impacts that live on once you are gone. ~Francis Alip

As I share his week of outfits with you, I hope you get inspired to be a fashion god/goddess wherever you may be.

Week of Outfits: MONDAY

This particular Monday was rainy, and I needed to get comfy.


Tuesday’s are usually my workout days, so I tend to wear;

Pants: Adidas Tiro 19 Training Pants
Shoes: White Ultra-boost 4.0
Shirt: Crew Neck Short Sleeve Short from Uniqlo


As a head tutor, Wednesdays are my big tutoring days, and I like to wear button-ups for a touch of professionalism.


As a leader and someone who is quite involved on campus, I wore this outfit to a meeting with Dr. Dean Gover – Senior Vice President, Dean of Students.


On a cold Friday, all you need is a stylish but “comfy” outfit


ACCESSORIES: The only accessories I wear are watches, and occasionally I wear bracelets. The gold and silver watches are from Michael Kors while the leather banded watch is from Fossil.

You might have noticed that most of my outfits are from Abercrombie & Fitch. I like their style, and I appreciate their unbranded clothings because I do not like wearing logos as much. I also love my Vans sneakers, Haha!

From Francis: As I work towards getting accepted at the University of Florida’s Dental School, I don’t want only to develop myself as a person and become a more competitive applicant but also to influence others positively. I also wish to leave an impact on Jacksonville University that lives on even after I’m gone. My parents have sacrificed a lot to bring me where I am today, so I try not to take anything for granted and do my absolute best in all I do.

Before starting dental school, I will be completing JU’s accelerated MBA program to develop myself as a leaser further and to prepare myself to own my private practice one day eventually.

It’s been a pleasure sharing my life & style with you.

Now create your life


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