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The tenets of a relationship are not only upholding but applicable to every relationship that wants to thrive.

Over the decades, we have seen several fundamental principles of healthy relationships, but there is no emphasis placed on some unique ones. And like the Bible says, if one fails in one law, he is guilty of all; that works for a relationship too.

I know you seek a healthy friendship, love relationship, and even a parent-children relationship, so why not get it right? Here are some of the principles of a healthy relationship that I think has tasted neglect over the years.

1.) Compromise when necessary!No known relationship has ever thrived without one party compromising for another. Regardless of the type of relationship, we all come from different backgrounds, and there are individual values and principles that a man would hold dear, but his woman might not deem relevant. And if both sides do not make compromises, sooner or later, the relationship might have to pack up. Should she want their relationship to “blossomly” continue, she might have to let go of her belief and let him do as he wishes.

However, compromise cannot be made in every situation; knowing what/what not to compromise will make a lot of difference.

2.) Know his/her health status!!This particular one is important for any love relationship. I know you love him/her so much, but will it be at the expense of that unborn child? In past decades, some innocent children have suffered due to the ignorance/selfishness of their parents. Let me share something with you…I know a lady who believed her genotype was AA; she was experiencing frequent pain, and we began to wonder why.

So, she went to the hospital to get her blood tested only to find out that her genotype wasn’t AA but SS. How angry she was at her parents when she found out. After confronting them, she realized they didn’t mean to deceive her; they were merely ignorant. For you, it will be best to think about the children that will be involved and say no to ignorance. All I am pointing out is this: know his/her status before you go deeper into that love relationship.

3.) Don’t sleep with anger!!!I cannot emphasize this point enough! You are aware that no relationship does not have its challenges. There will always be a bone of contention, but there shouldn’t be room for sleeping when there are scores to be settled. This particular tenet is the reason why most of my friendships are still thriving. It’s simple if Mary is worth not losing, DO NOT sleep over an argument. You will be surprised that during your moment of anger, another person is right at the corner to make her feel better. Should you waste more time, your friendship might not recover from that moment of silence. So my dear, learn the art of not sleeping with anger over an argument/misunderstanding with your friend, lover, or parent.

4.) Tolerate him/her!!!!The mindset I think most people have is that “two people in a relationship” need to have the same ideology. You might even tell me that the Bible says, “can two work together except they agree?” Yes, I know all of that, but think about this… can you agree or have the same ideology as another human?The answer is short and sweet, NO. To “agree” means to understand each other’s differences and still be willing to tolerate those differences. So, next time when David thinks snoring is a sign of good living, don’t ditch him for Frank, who thinks otherwise. Instead, help David see why his thought needs a little brushing up while tolerating him in the process.
Last but not least…

5.) Keep calm and know that it’s your relationship!!!!!Hey, it is your relationship; you can choose to build it or destroy it. And I know the former is your pick, therefore, don’t stress at all; take it one day at a time. No human has ever mastered the art of a healthy relationship; all we can do is try. So while trying to thrive, be relaxed enough to enjoy the moment knowing fully well that it is your relationship, and nothing will change that.

On that note, I wish you the best as you thrive to maintain a healthy habit in all your relationships.


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