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I wouldn’t be misspeaking if I told you that I had never received a memorable gift on Valentine’s day before. Well, I wasn’t even celebrating the day until two years ago when one of my closest female friends surprised me with Russel Stover Assorted Chocolates. Oh, how much I love chocolates!

I was all mushy and blushed-up; I was excited for the first time on a Valentine’s Day. The year after, a few friends surprised me with chocolates, flowers, balloons, and the likes, and once again, I had an unforgettable experience on Valentine’s day.

For the most part, Valentine’s Day is a day set aside to celebrate loved ones. I am not saying that you can’t celebrate the people you love on every other day; it is just a special day to make those people you love feel most-special in your life.

So as someone that has been rightly surprised on this day, I want to help you out too. I am sure you have been thinking about the perfect gift for your partner, mother, brother, sister, favorite relatives & co-workers, even that house help that has been nothing short of lovely.

Well, worry no further and read along as I share five of the most memorable gifts you can give to your loved ones on this special day.

1. FLOWERS – Flowers are the way to a modern lady’s heart. The first time I received flowers from a guy, I went all crazy, it was one of the best feelings I’ve had so far. I think that was because I had not received flowers from a man before that; it was exceptional. So, if you think “flowers” will be the best gift to your loved one on this day, best get the most-beautiful rose flower. Better still, get a natural flower plant, it gives the best feeling, I tell you that.

2. CUSTOMIZED ITEM – Have you thought about a personalized bracelet, wallet, phone pouch, necklace, photo frame, mug, shirt? And the list goes on. Customized materials last longer, and for someone that has not received anything like that before, especially from you, it will be a great idea to surprise them in this season. I remember when I surprised my mom with a customized photo frame, she had the best reaction I had ever seen. Before that time, she didn’t have a photo frame of her in the house. She loved the gift so much. Mind you; it doesn’t have to be a photo frame; a customizable material will do just fine for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift you’ve been worried about.
3. ROMANCE NOVELS – Oh mine! As a book lover, I bet that this will be the best gift. If your brother is someone that loves to read novels, emphasis on love, there is no better thing to gift them than a proper romance novel. Best believe it! Although, if you realize he loves a particular book genre or author a lot, you should get books suitable to his taste. He will love you forever!!!
4. DESIGNERS PRODUCT – Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking. It is costly right, hmm, maybe not. Imagine a partner that has been with you through thick and thin; those kinds of people deserve to be pampered on days like this. It could be a designer watch, shoes, bag, outfit, etc. Just make them feel extra special because you will agree with me that they deserve it.

5. SPECIAL TREAT – Last but not the least… this idea is most likely the best Valentine’s Day gift for a social person. A treat like that gives her the perfect moment to take great pictures and a fantastic gist topic for her next girls’ trip. If you love me and you are reading this, this is the Valentine’s Day gift I want. I am going through my past gifts from Valentine’s day, and I can’t help but quietly pray that someone remembers me this year. Haha!

DO WELL TO GIFT SOMETHING; I HAVE HELPED YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS NOW! Also, kindly comment below your choice of Valentine’s Day gift from the above-listed.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, “winks.”


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