The SARMLife Sponsorship Program started in January 2020 to sponsor people who are incapable of funding themselves through university in undertaking either a program, skill, or training such that through the knowledge acquired, they can establish themselves and self-fund their tertiary education.

This year, we’ve fine-tuned our Sponsorship Program target for a more significant impact by sponsoring Nigerian university students in getting practical knowledge of selected skills related to their course of study.

To be a part of this year’s program, you MUST be a Nigerian University student who has either gained an admission or currently in the university, fill the application form below correctly, and submit it when done.

Kindly make sure your selected skill is related to your course of study.

We've fine-tuned our Sponsorship Program target for a more significant impact by sponsoring Nigerian university students in getting practical knowledge of selected skills related to their course of study.


Empowering Nigerian Youths & Future Leaders (ENYFL)


When you empower one person, you empower a community–it’s a domino effect.


ENYFL project aims to help Nigerian youths incorporate practical knowledge of related skills into their university intended course of study. This practical exposure is expected to give them an edge in the employment industry.

SARMLife hopes to reach ten (10) Nigerian youths in 2021 through this project whom we can sponsor and help them kick-start their career journey in a highly competitive market.


  1. Fashion design
  2. Website development/design
  3. Confectionery/baking 
  4. Painting/interior design
  5. Photography
  6. Electronic repair/maintenance


1) Decent Work and Economic Growth

2) No Poverty


Unemployment is one of the biggest issues facing many Nigerians. The increased unemployment rate stems from many factors including lack of structure and infrastructure, corruption, graduate inefficiency, blind dependency on the government, increased population, and more. As rich as the country is, the increased unemployment rate among many other factors negatively affects the country’s economic development. In 2019, the president announced that unemployed graduates were above 20 million people in a country with an approximate population of 206 million. The problem of unemployment worsens because of the incessant university strikes, corruption among leaders, and low university rankings on global levels. These inadequacies breed inefficient graduates and scarce white-collar jobs.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, 600,000 graduates are rolled out yearly in Nigeria. The university system constantly produces unskillful graduates, who when interviewed for a job position are perceived as incapable, thereby calling for the need for a total reformation of the Nigerian student.

ENYFL project aims to tackle graduate inefficiency by incorporating theoretical skills into an incoming/current undergraduate’s course of study. For instance, a high school graduate who would like to study Engineering would apply for our Electronic repair/Maintenance skill. A Nigerian university graduate has a higher chance of getting a white-collar job if he is skillful, talented, and knows his job

According to the Center for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA) in 2018, “In a low and lower-middle income country like Nigeria, the role of youths in economic productivity and sustainable development cannot be overemphasized.” CSEA also advised that Apprenticeship Initiatives, which involves skill development, will provide new entry points for Nigerian youths into the job market. SARMLife strongly agrees with CSEA, hence the desire to reduce graduate inefficiency through the ENYFL project, increase youth employability, and eventually raising the country’s economic development.

In 2020, SARMLife sponsored two Nigerian youths successfully and plans to sponsor ten (10) youths in 2021. To achieve this aim, SARMLife has established a relationship with different trainers of the six skills (stated above). 

We are not just helping ten (10) people, but a community of people, eventually reducing the unemployment rate, increasing Nigerian graduate job efficiency, increasing the country’s economic growth, and reducing the poverty rate.




  • SSCE certificate
  • University admission letter
  • Letter of recommendation attesting to your credibility as a person (not less than 150 words and should be written by an academic personnel or other credible sources like working class parents, teachers, current/former employer, etc.)


I wish you all the best in this application process“. ~ Ruth Adeyemi, Founder | SARMLife